This morning I was going to write and tell you about how GOOD it felt to leave a lung (and more than a few drops of sweat) on the floor at the gym this morning.

I started writing about how you MUST MOVE your body if you want it to change and transform and then I had this overwhelming sense of gratitude was over me as I realised just how much my body is doing for me EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Even when I haven’t honoured her
Even when I haven’t adored her
Even when I’ve hated her

And I think that perhaps, just maybe when you realise and appreciate just how amazing and how precious YOUR (yes YOUR) body is and how much she is doing for you every single day, that you might just start to appreciate her a little bit more too!

So instead of sharing with you how you MUST MOVE.

I share with you MY ODE TO MY BODY INSTEAD.


My body is my partner in this thing we call life.
She is the vehicle through which I am able to live my best life.
She is the vehicle that allows me to live and breathe my passion and my purpose and to bring it to life.

I respect her
I love her
I adore her
I cherish her
I have compassion for her
I fuel her with foods that make her hum
I move her in ways that make her come alive
I talk to her with the love and respect that she deserves
I forgive her for all the wrongs that I thought she had done
I forgive myself for all the wrongs that I have done to her


Because without her
Without this body
Without this vehicle
Without this precious gift that I have been to embody & live life in my life as I know it (or want to know it) would cease to exist.

I cannot live true to myself
I cannot bring my dreams to life
I cannot DO what I want to do
I cannot BE who I want to be
I cannot LIVE life as the best version of myself

Without my body I am nothing
Without my body I can have nothing
Without my body I cease to exist

And so I thank her.

I thank you for showing up for me when I didn’t show up for you.
I thank you for still doing your best by me, even when I wasn’t doing my best by you.
I thank you for being able to heal, repair and get stronger every day.
I thank you for loving me when I didn’t love you
I thank you for allowing be to SERVE.
I thank you for allowing me to shine.
I thank you for showing me what’s possible
I thank you for reaffirming my belief in the power of the mind
I thank you for showing me what’s possible

And I choose to HONOUR you and RESPECT you every step of the way as we continue to step forward and live this thing called life together.

Remember –

Life is for Living
And without a body to live it in – you have nothing!

Tammy xx