Why Everything In Moderation is BS

WHY EVERYTHING IN MODERATION IS BULLS$**T!This is a concept that really makes my blood boil sometimes … OK, often!

It’s a flippant statement that is used by all of us at some point in time to justify behaviours that we know DO NOT SERVE US.

What is moderation anyway?

Where do you draw the line?

Is moderation serving you or not?

Let’s apply this concept to the food we choose to eat.

Moderately consuming gluten for someone who has coeliac disease would be a disaster!

For that matter, consuming anything that your body is intolerant to is NOT a good idea.

Think about it … if you have moderately consumed foods that create irritation and inflammation in your body your whole life, how long does it take before that moderation tips you over the edge and into illness?

Every time you consume something that irritates your body e.g. your gut, it’s like picking a scab. Just as it’s almost healed … wam, you go and open it up again!
Think about it … would you consume arsenic in moderation? What about smoking? Should we do that in moderation too?

Now it’s not about getting total anal retentive here and being holier than though.
It’s about getting truly honest with yourself about how you are treating and nurturing your body.

There are simply some foods that just shouldn’t be eaten in moderation or perhaps even at all – period.

YES … it is OK to enjoy a glass or two of wine over a catch up with your girl friends, but telling yourself that a glass or two each night is OK is probably just a justification for something that’s going on underneath the surface!

YEs…. it is OK to celebrate your birthday with a slice of delicious cake amongst family and friends. But what about having a cake that is made from real food ingredients so that it continues to add to your health? I can’t think of any better day than your birthday to really look after yourself!

The fact remains though, if “everything in moderation” has become your everyday normal and catch cry, then is it really moderation and is it really serving you?

If you say you want to be healthy, feel amazing and vibrant, have incredible energy and be an amazing YOU then continuously eating sugary, processed, toxic and nutrient deficient foods “in moderation” is NOT going to help you achieve that.
So, if you want to keep feeling like crap then go ahead, keep eating crap!

But if you want to make a change… If you want to feel incredible every single day … if you want to create a healthy relationship with food and with your body then you need to make a decision…

You can choose to stay where you are OR you can choose to start nourishing your body.

Will this food nourish my body?

How will this food make me feel in 1, 2, 6 or 24 hours time?

Is this the best choice for me right now?

Make choices that are in line with how you really want to feel.

And if you screw up, go off track or have a relaxed moment, which let’s be honest you will at some point. Then enjoy it, acknowledge it, accept it, don’t beat yourself up about it afterwards and if you do then forgive yourself, LOVE yourself anyway and MOVE on!

Life is too short to not be living an extraordinary one!

It’s time to create health on your terms gorgeous

Remember –

Life is for Living



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