I want to scream (nicely of course) in the face of every woman I know who are locked on the ‘diet and punishment’ bandwagon. You DON’T have to hate yourself! So STOP IT! For me, the biggest shift over the last 6 weeks has definitely been my mindset. I went from ‘justifying’ my choices around food and ‘cheat meals’ and trying to control myself around food to truly starting to want to choose food that nourished me. I respect my body way more now. Some moments were definitely tough as the more I nourished my body the safer it became for many pent up toxins, especially from chemo and radiation treatment to be realised – not fun! Without the mindset shift that happened, I’m not sure I could have kept going as it just didn’t feel good sometimes and it was HARD. However, I made it through the aches, headaches and fatigue and wow has magic happened. I have released 4 kg in the last 4 weeks, I’m looking better, I’m feeling better, I’ve gained energy (still more to be gained but it’s a great start) bloating is a thing of the past, things are a lot more regular (you know what I mean), AND I’ve lost a dress size. I LOVE all the incredible food that I am eating and I’m so much more in tune with my body and how it feels when I eat foods that don’t serve me – those old favourites just don’t hold the same appeal anymore.” 

– Eva Wilson
“Before Saturdays Body Breakthrough One Day Live event I was tired, exhausted and irritable. I saw myself as a failure and I hated my body and the constant battle I would have inside my head. I wasn’t enjoying (or even living) my life! I was on an emotional roller coaster, no fun to be around and I was always waiting for the future. The Body & Mind Breakthrough Retreat Day shook me out of my rut! I now look at life differently, I am treating everyday as a blessing, I act for the now and I know that everything is a choice. When I look in the mirror I see a completely different person, its incredible. I’m creating more space in my head to focus on the things that are important rather than being so consumed by what I ate, or was going to eat. The voice memo that we created has been been really useful so far too, as well as asking myself ‘if I already had my one day body, what would I/she do. ” – Hannah Andrew

“Before working with Tammy, I’d given up. After years of losing and regaining weight and feeling like I tried everything, it all felt too much and I’d resigned myself to the fact that I was always going to be big. But I felt like I was wearing a ‘fat’ suit and that wasn’t who I really was. I was actually pretty depressed that even though I was eating healthy and spending a bucket load of money and time investing in my health – I was spiralling out of control. I felt like I knew all the answers but couldn’t understand why I was going backwards! Since working with Tammy, I am in a totally positive space which I want everyone to feel too! Before, I was so negative and judgmental – almost wanting others to fail with their weightloss juourneys because I was, so everyone else should too. NOW, I want to sing from the roof tops and bring everyone along for the journey. Sure I have my ups and downs as I move through the next stage of the process but I feel absolute LOVE and APPRECIATION for my body – which I would never have been able to say a few months ago. I feel clean on the inside and that converts to wanting to clean up my physical environment as well. I just haven’t had the energy to deal with so much clutter in my life, but now I want to get out there and sort it all out. I LOVE cherishing my body with nutrient rich food – I have no desire to eat the crap that I was eating before and it’s now so easy to make choices that serve me. I am so grateful that Tammy has found her way into my life and I just want to say a massive thank you for inspiring this change.” – Kristine Brothers

“I released 7 kg of inflammation (fat) during the 28 Day Reset. I now know what foods serve my body and what foods don’t and I feel amazing and full of energy” – Amy Gibson

“My skin is clearing up, my tummy is no longer bloated and sore, I have so much more energy, my body shape is changing and I’ve released 5 kg over the last 4 weeks. Plus my little girl is reaping the benefits of me becoming a more in tune Mum and I’m now allowing her to trust in her body and discover what foods serve  and nourish her and what foods don’t” – Emily