After three years of self-discovery, healing and recovery I just completed my first CrossFit WOD – including running (minus the box jumps) and damn it felt good (maybe not in the moment, but definitely afterwards).

After spending much of my life forcing myself to MOVE my body from a place of FEAR it truly feels good to be honouring and respecting my body’s current capacity.

Three years ago, after not respecting my body after giving birth and creating a reasonably significant prolapse I wasn’t sure if I’d be ever able to lift weights to a decent capacity or run again.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever get back to the level of strength and fitness that I had before Ollie was born.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever fully be the same me that I was before.

Truth be told, I don’t want to be the same me that i was before.

I want to be BETTER
I want to GROW

without this experience to grow and learn from I never would have gone through the level of healing and self-discovery that I have these past few years.

I never would have discovered the level of inner strength and admiration that I have for the capacity of the human body to recover and heal and grow stronger.

I never would have discovered or fully appreciated the level of resiliency that the human body has.

I never would have appreciated the power of my mind.

All progress comes from ACCEPTING where you are in the NOW (even if it completely feels like shit) and ALLOWING yourself to move forward from a place of acceptance, love, respect and acting from the place of who you choose to BE.

For me that meant accepting what is.

Visualising and really getting clear on what I wanted for my body (I’m still getting clearer)

Fuelling my body with healing and nourishing foods

Clearing the emotional clutter

Ensuring that my structural and neurological systems were functioning as optimally as possible.

moving my body based on its current capacity not what I thought it should be doing.

And keeping continually curious about what the next step for my body and healing was, from a place of respect and love.

Your body is amazing
You are amazing
You can get stronger
You can heal
You are powerful

You literally can create the body and life that you desire, in every area, by accepting, respecting and being present in the NOW and taking a step forward from the empowered place of who you now choose to be.

It’s that easy (and that hard it seems)

Either way the choice is yours

Life is for living
Tammy xx