Are you standing in your own way?

Could it be that you are the major bottleneck that is stopping you from creating the beautiful body you crave and the incredible health you deserve?

Could it be that by simply getting out of your own way you could finally get you off the diet merry-go-round for good? 

Could it be that if you stopped TRYING and PUSHING so damn hard to LOSE WEIGHT and that if instead you actually focused on FULFILLING your requirements for health and NOURISHING your body that you would see your dream body as a beautiful byproduct?

You are far too smart to be standing in your own way


I just want to know WHAT to eat and WHEN to eat it!

I just want to know how much exercise I have to do?

I just want to know how many carbs I can eat?

I get that you want to know WHAT TO DO and YES, whilst how you choose to nourish yourself, how you move and how well you can adapt and deal with stress matters… perhaps the most important thing is getting your crazy head stuff sorted and actually treating yourself with kindness and respect.

If you don’t get your “Inner Stuff” sorted first, then making long-lasting and sustainable change is going to be really really difficult… because you will come up front and personal with your demons. 

SO, how can you choose health? How can you get your ducks in a row when it comes to getting your head stuff sorted?
FIRST OFF… If you want to get awesome results that last for life, then you need to get SUPER CLEAR right off the bat.
NB: as an aside, a journal / notebook can be a super useful tool for you to get clear. 
ACTION STEP #1: Get CLEAR on WHY making a change is important to you.:
Having a goal to lose X kilos isn’t enough.
You can’t have just a vague idea of wanting to feel good or look good in your clothes. You have to get really clear on WHY it is that you want do this…. I’m talking crystal clear!
Here’s an example to help you get started:
Women often tell me that they want to lose weight… this is NOT the best goal.
There are multiple problems with this goal:
  • It has nothing to do with health or nourishing your body necessarily
  • It isn’t specific or clear
  • It doesn’t conjure up and emotion about how you want to feel
  • Lastly, when you LOSE something you have to find it again (think about what happens when you lose your car keys) and if you think about the percentage of people that REGAIN the weight that they lose, it’s 95%, which are not good odds. 

SO, let’s say you want to fit into your favourite top again.

Ask yourself WHY that is important to you? How do you want toFEEL when you are rocking your most favourite of favourite outfits again? What EMOTIONS do you want to be experiencing? 
i.e. confident, proud, sexy, empowered …

ACTION STEP #2: What do you really want?
So you now know WHY you want it… now you have to determine WHAT it is that you really really want.

List all the things that you WANT to have.
  • Do you want to wake up in the morning bursting with energy?
  • Do you want to end the day with as much energy as you started it with?
  • Do you want to fit your skinny jeans again?
  • Do you want to make food choices that nourish your body?
It’s YOUR TIME to feel confident, fabulous and vibrant for life!
Most importantly, it’s time to put yourself first, get out of your own freaking way and create a whole lot of awesomeness in your life 🙂

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