I want you to ask yourself a question…

Are you truly living life, I mean really living life to the full? OR Are you simply existing and just getting by? 

Contrary to what you may have been told or what you currently believe – You really are designed to be extraordinary. To have incredible energy, a toned yet curvy body, outrageous health … hell you can have anything you want… if you really want it.

Being tired all the time …

Snapping at your kids…

Aches and Pains …

Crazy hormones and horrific mood swings …

Digestive issues …

Skin problems …

Excess weight …

PMS & period pain …

Are all signs that your body has moved away from health and really isn’t functioning at it’s best.

I want you to create the body, health and life of your dreams and I want you to stop putting it off … it’s your time NOW. 

It’s time for you to figure out What do YOU really want, just for you? 

Not you the Mum, Wife, Employee, Daughter… but YOU, the person? The woman with big hopes, dreams and ambitions.

At some point in your life, you believed you were capable of achieving anything your heart desired and I truly want you to be able to experience again.

If you refuse to live a mediocre life any longer

If you refuse to believe that declining health is just a sign of getting older and your lot in life

If you refuse to take no for an answer and you are ready to start prioritising YOU again as the most important and precious person in your life

If you refuse to put your life on hold until you’ve lost weight any longer, then I’d love to help you

But you have to be ready to make it happen beautiful. And you have to be willing to do the work (and most of it isn’t what you think). You have to be willing to push through your limitations and self-imposed boundaries.

And you have to be willing to start right this very moment … even though you don’t feel right or like the time is right.

Tammy 2

Hi, beautiful. I’m Dr Tammy Hume and I’m here to help you ditch your body drama and show you that creating a body and life you love really is possible. I’m here to help you put into action, the stuff that you say you’ll make happen ‘one-day.’

Most importantly, I’m really here to help you live your ‘one-day’ dream life today and on your terms to boot!

I’m here to show you that it can be done in alignment with the woman that you really want to be… you know the one that you tell yourself that you’ll start being once you have your body back or you get your health sorted!

Here’s what you can expect when you join my beautiful tribe here at Dr Tammy Hume 

I’m going to help you getting crystal clear about exactly it is that you WANT and WHY that’s so important.

I’m going to be working with you so that you can truly understand what your body requires to be healthy and how you can fulfill those requirements in a way that feels nourishing to YOU.

I’m going to show you how you can DITCH the diets for good.

I’m going to show you how you can create outrageous health, not only for you but for your family too.

I’ll show you how you can get out of your own way and sabotaging your success, happiness and health. I’ll even give you a gentle kick up the backside when you need it.

We’ll look at how you can create real and sustainable lifestyle in a way that fits into and adds to your lifestyle rather than stresses you out even more.

Oh and did I mention that we’re going to bust through all those crappy limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck where you are and that have been holding you back, perhaps for your whole life. 

You better believe it honey, your life really can be that amazing and energised … 

I believe that you are truly designed to be extraordinary.

I believe that most women have absolutely NO IDEA how amazing their body is designed to feel.

I believe that you are meant to life live to the full.

I believe that you should wake up every single day utterly in love with your life.

Want to know my story?

The short version of it is … is that I spent most of my life feeling inadequate and like I just couldn’t get my body or health to where I wanted it to be.

I had so much knowledge and theory and yet I was in a constant struggle when it came to my health.

Despite having degrees in Human Nutrition and Chiropractic and studied Exercise and Sports Science, I was epicly screwing my own health up. I was trying so hard and leading myself down a very long rabbit hole.

I have been ‘normal’ sized, I have been ‘figure sculpter’ sized and I have been ‘overweight.’ I have battled with everything from chronic fatigue, hideous hormonal issues and an under-active thyroid to bulimia and a very disordered relationship with food.

It may seem like I’m a really slow learner, given how many years I spent figuring this ‘health’ stuff out. But what I have learnt from both a knowledge and personal perspective has put me in a very unique position to truly help other busy and driven women to truly regain their health.

There was a time when I had no bloody clue how to actually achieve what I wanted, where I flitted from one diet or magic bullet to the next hoping that my health issues would magically disappear over night and that I would finally feel good about myself again.

Thankfully, I finally learnt how to turn it all around. How to put the pieces of the puzzle together when it comes to being healthy.

Now I know how the body works, I know would it requires to be healthy on all levels – mind, food, movement, rest, power supply and more 

But you’re not here to talk about me, so let’s get back to talking about you…

If you want to be a stick figure or you think that being healthy or skinny or whatever is simply the result of good genes or good luck then I’d highly suggest that you don’t bother sticking around!

BUT, if the idea that you can create a body and life you love, that you can live your life by design, that you can have outrageous energy and enjoyment in all areas of your life gets you all juiced up and pumped inside then I think you’re going to like what I have to say and we’re probably going to get along just fine!

And if deep deep down inside of you, you’re a women who wants to live an extraordinary life… to be a role model, a leader to her family, her friends and her colleagues, someone who is able to live her very best life on all levels.

If you’re a woman who knows that right now she just isn’t feeling as extraordinary as she was designed to be, if you’re a women that is ready to succeed, if you’re a woman who is ready to actually start living life rather than just watching it from the sidelines

Then I think we should connect sooner rather than later, don’t you?

Yes I know that you feel scared

That you don’t want to fail – again!

That you don’t know which way to turn because everyone is saying a different thing and you’re so confused … overwhelmed and frustrated!

But just ask yourself…

What’s it costing you not to get this sorted? Can you really go another month, year or years not getting your health and life back on track? 

 Look beautiful … I know you’ll get there in the end – because you’re a seeker and you never give up and you never say die!

But wouldn’t you rather get there quicker? To take the easier, less bumpy and more well travelled road, without having to go through all the heart ache, frustration, self-doubt and despair?

It’s time to start living your one day life TODAY!

Cos after all…

Life is for living!

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Professional Bio

Dr Tammy Hume is a Mum, Wife, Body Transformation Coach, Wellness Expert, Business Owner, Health Coach, Chiropractor & Holistic Nutritionist… yip that’s a lot of labels!

She knows how to fit a bucket load into your day and still have energy to spare at the end of it!

Having healed her relationship with food and herself, Tammy helps driven, action taking and go-getting women to become healthier than they ever imagined possible… to create bodies they love and are proud of and ultimately feel confident, fabulous and vibrant!

Tammy has been featured on Television as well as in many publications and speaks at many different events. When she isn’t speaking, writing or coaching Tammy can often be found researching about health and wellbeing or creating new ideas to ensure her one year old gets to grow up in a healthier and more inspired world.